Briana Kramer

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Briana Kramer

Briana Kramer, Owner of Heatwaves
Nominated by: Kim Davis

What inspires you to nominate this person?

Her true passion for helping animals.


What local charities/communities/organizations does the nominee support?

One By One Cat Rescue


Give an example(s) of how the nominee serves their community and involves other (employees, family members, friends, etc…).

Heatwaves utilizes a micro-donation at their point-of-sale which allows customers to make a discreet donation to One By One Cat Rescue.


Examples highlighting the nominee and their generosity.


Feel free to comment on why you feel Briana deserves this recognition. The judges will take the comments into consideration when choosing the top Profits for Passion individuals.


  1. I have known Bri for many years. Her compassion toward her own large pet family, as well as animals in general is truly a wonder. She is generous and kind with her time and financial support. This is true not only for pet shelters and organizations in the Kutztown area but internationally as well. Bri has been a regular contributor to pet shelters on the Mexican island of Cozumel and in the town of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Her generosity to these far away shelters has helped their staffs to rescue animals stranded by hurricanes and tropical storms. She also supports rescue of injured sea turtles. Many people walk through life talking about what they might do. Bri puts those words into action every day. I am proud to know her, and lucky to count her as a friend.

  2. Heatwaves has always been good to our organization with having a donation canister in their shop or helping the cats out in other little ways. It is alway appreciated when people go out of their way for a small group like ours. Lynn Rosencrans of One by One, Inc.

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